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Form 1099-DIV

What is 1099-DIV?

What is it?

The 1099-DIV(for Dividend) reports dividend income and other distributions, such as capital gains distributions from a mutual fund. Recipients of dividend payments must receive at least $10 in dividend income or other distributions to receive the 1099-DIV. IRAs, tax-deferred accounts, and accounts registered to nonresident aliens do not qualify for the 1099-DIV. Even when a recipient does not qualify to receive a form, they must report the income, per IRS regulations.

Who needs it?

File form 1099-DIV, Dividends and Distributions, for each person:

  • To whom you have paid dividends (including capital gain dividends and exempt-interest dividends) and other distributions on stock of $10 or more
  • For whom you have withheld and paid any foreign tax on dividends and other distributions on stock
  • For whom you have withheld any federal income tax on dividends under the backup withholding rules
  • To whom you have paid $600 or more as part of liquidation.
Who needs 1099 DIV?

When to File it

With Tax1099.com, we automatically schedule your IRS e-File transmission date for the e-File deadline. That allows you to make changes to forms after creating them for your vendors and before sending them to the IRS, without the need to issue corrected forms – all at no additional cost for the e-File update. You may also change the scheduled date to occur earlier than the deadline if you prefer.

When to file Form 1099-DIV?
Filing Type Due Date
Recipient copy January 31, 2018
IRS Paper Filing February 28, 2018
IRS E-File March 31, 2018
How long will 1099-DIV form take?

Electronically filed 1099-DIV forms are directly transmitted to the IRS from the Tax1099.com system. IRS e-filed acceptance acknowledgment comes within 3 to 7 business days.



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