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Form W-2C

What is W2-C?

What is it?

W-2C – Form W-2C Any corrections of form W-2 must be submitted on form W-2C. The form itself contains areas to note the incorrect filing information from the original as well as the corrected information included on W-2C.

Who needs it?

Employers who need to make corrections to a previously filed W-2 forms must submit Form W-2c with the accurate information. Do not file a W-2c form to correct only the address. W-2c should not be used for corrections to the W-2G form.

Who needs W-2C?

When to File it

File any corrected W-2 forms as soon as you realize a correction is required.

When to file Form W2 C?
Filing Type Due Date
Recipient copy January 31, 2018
IRS Paper Filing January 31, 2018
IRS E-File January 31, 2018
How long will W2-C form take?

Electronically filed W-2C form is directly transmitted to the SSA from Tax1099.com system. SSA e-filed acceptance acknowledgment comes within 3 to 7 business days.



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